Four Reasons Engraved Acrylic Plaques Make Great Corporate Awards

8-3/4" Goblet AwardThere are plenty of ways to award your company’s best achievers. Of course, it’s important to give them an award that can speak to them on a personal level. Engraved acrylic plaques are a popular option and for some very good reasons. Here are just four reasons to consider presenting engraved acrylic plaques as awards to employees.

There is Plenty of Room for Custom Engraving

When presenting awards on the corporate level, it’s important you aren’t handing out generic-looking awards. Look past the basic design of the award to the space allowed for customizing and engraving. Customized acrylic awards have plenty of room to add a company logo, the name of the recipient and any specific achievement for which they are being honored. Engraving a personal message on the award makes it more meaningful.

Acrylic Plaques and Awards are Durable

Acrylic is a great choice for awards because it is a lightweight material, but it is also extremely durable. Glass awards can break more easily, and metal awards need to be cleaned so they do not tarnish. An acrylic plaque or award will continue to look brand new for years. Just a light dusting will keep an acrylic plaque cleaned and sharp. Their appearance doesn’t decline with age.

Make Affordable Awards

Engraved acrylic awards don’t look inexpensive, but they are an economical choice. Acrylic is a more cost-effective choice in most instances. You can hand down annual awards without worrying about overreaching a budget.

Easily Displayed in the Recipient’s Office

An engraved award is more personal than one that is not customized. This increases the likelihood of employees displaying them proudly in their offices. Since acrylic is a lightweight material, it is easy to hang in an office space. Recipients can display awards and be proud of their achievements so co-workers and clients can view them openly.

Contact Suburban Custom Awards

At Suburban Custom Awards, we understand how important it is to honor employees who go above and beyond. We want to make sure the awards you present on a corporate level leave a positive impression. At Suburban Custom Awards, we can customize your corporate acrylic plaques and awards so you can give your employees an award that looks great, and something they will personally cherish.

Choose from a wide variety of acrylic awards and engrave your personalized message. Let us help you honor your best employees. Contact us today!


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