End of Season Basketball Trophies

basketball sports starMarch is just around the corner and the big dance to the Sweet 16 will soon begin. It’s also time for the seasons for little league, intramurals, and other community teams to wind down. Winning teams will receive tournament trophies as they place in the top teams. Leagues often present awards for MVP and Most Improved players.

While teams win trophies and awards for tournament play, individual teams often choose to distribute awards to their players at the season’s end. Offering individual players basketball trophies no matter what the team record was, helps instill in them a sense of pride and encourages young players to continue playing the sport. As the younger players develop skills and become better players, the team has an improved chance at winning the bigger basketball trophies later on. Ultimately, team players have their eye on the season-ending basketball championship trophies. Encouragement and rewards along the way help keep younger players, in particular, moving toward the prize.

Types of End of Season Basketball Trophies and Awards

female basketball playerAs the season ends, give awards that showcase individual athletic abilities. Some ideas for basketball trophies include:

  • Team MVP
  • Best Defensive Player
  • Best Offensive Player
  • Most Points for the Season
  • Best Dribbler
  • Best Passer
  • Most 3-pointers
  • Best Ball Stealer
  • Best Pre-game Traditions

Don’t limit your options when choosing which awards to present to your team. You can also give trophies for things like the fastest player, highest jumper, or most athletic.

Giving Trophies for Non-Athletic Skills

Most teams will have a few players who are not among the most athletic. They can receive awards too. For instance, one may stand out as a leader, another might offer great encouragement to keep the team going, and someone else might demonstrate an awesome attitude. These are attitudes and mindsets that develop as the season progresses. Award those positive attitudes!

Customized Basketball Trophies

Earning a trophy is a special moment for any athlete but getting a personalized message from the coach or other team leader makes it perfect. At Suburban Custom Awards, we customize most trophies for no additional cost. If you have trouble knowing what to say, we can even help with that. Contact us today and let us help you order your team’s basketball trophies. Let them know how much you appreciate them.