Tips for Throwing an Oscars Award Party

achievement awardThe Oscars awards are just a few weeks out. Now is the time to prepare for a big watch party for you and your friends. Here are a few tips to ensure it’s one they will not soon forget.

Oscars Award Predictions and Games

Throwing a party to watch the Oscars awards is a great time to play some games. First, you can make your own ballots and let your guests guess which actors, actresses, and films will be taking home an Oscar. Play other fun games like Oscar bingo. You can print out bingo cards for your guests. When phrases on the cards are said on the live show, they will mark them out until they get a bingo. Play other games before and while you are watching and make them more fun and competitive by presenting an award like the achievement trophy to overall winners.

Decorations for Your Oscar Party

What do you think about when you think of the Oscars? Formal attire? Red carpet? Draw some inspiration from Oscar night as you choose your decor. Red carpet and gold stars are appropriate or make your own Hollywood Walk of Fame. Another option might be an Oscar-themed photo booth. You’d just need a backdrop which can be picked up at a craft store. Stock it with Hollywood themed props to take photos with.

Best-Dressed Awards

Inspire your friends to dress up. Guests can wear dresses, suits or tuxedos. Or you might encourage them to dress as their favorite role from one of the movies receiving an Oscar nomination. Give guests plenty of notice about having a costume contest. Then, award the best dressed with a trophy or award.

Champagne of Course!

No Oscars awards party would be complete without champagne. If you want to impress your guests, engrave their initials or the date of the Oscars on champagne glasses. It makes a great souvenir that they will love to add to their glass collection. And guess who will win the award for the best Oscars party ever? YOU!


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