How Recognition Awards Can Make a Difference in the Work Environment

Plaque shaped like the number 1Employee recognition awards can be a critical part of the work environment. In fact, they can make or break it. Weekly team meetings to annual award ceremonies can offer opportunities to recognize employees and team members for the hard work they put in to help the company succeed. Presenting these awards, no matter how frequently can help the work environment by:

  • Helping build strong teams who recognize contributions made by co-workers
  • Inspiring employees to perform better on the job
  • Maintaining high-performance momentum for recipients
  • Fostering trust and loyalty in the company
  • Decreasing absenteeism and turnover
  • Reducing workplace stress

Perhaps the best part about implementing an employee recognition awards program is the positive ROI that fits budgetary needs.

Where to Start with Employee Recognition Awards

Employees appreciate recognition for hard work and loyal service. It’s a smart move for managers to acknowledge dedicated employees by presenting awards or trophies for milestones or exceptional work. Some of the common work-related awards that you are most likely already presenting include:

  • Work anniversaries – 10 years and 25 years of service
  • Employees who surpass a quota
  • An employee of the Month
  • Retirement of employees

These are some of the most common employee recognition awards. However, here’s a list of some lesser common awards you can present to employees to improve the morale.

Most Punctual Employee

Rosewood-Mantle-ClockOftentimes the most dedicated employee can hit the snooze one too many times and be late for work. Commendations are in order for employees who consistently are on time for work. You can also go beyond employees who are on time for work and recognize employees who are never late for team meetings, weekly meetings, conference calls, etc. A clock award is a great choice for this type of award. Remember to engrave it with a personal message.

Employees Who Put in Overtime

As a general rule, you don’t want your team to overwork, but there are those times when a big project requires extra time to meet a deadline. Employees who stuck with it and put in extra time to ensure the project was delivered on time deserve an award, or maybe a day off!

Employees with Good Judgment

Gold Electroplated Gavel PlaqueIt is highly likely your staff is trained to deal with anything that comes up. However, every single situation they may face wasn’t covered in their orientation. An employee may end up needing to make a clutch judgment call. For an employee that makes a great judgment call in the middle of tough circumstances, gavel awards make a nice way to say, “thank you.”

The Office Ninja Award

You know the type. They consistently work hard whether or not they are being monitored. This employee goes above and beyond to ensure the inner office continues to run smoothly. Team players who kick butt and get things done.

Let Suburban Custom Awards help you award your outstanding employees with a trophy or an award. Improve workplace morale by letting employees know how much they are appreciated. This is a cost-effective way to improve workplace morale. Give us a call, w/e can help you with the wording on the engraving too.