Three Top College Football National Championship Trophies

fantasy football tower trophyThe top four teams in college football have been chosen. Bowl games and playoff games are scheduled. Teams are preparing for the holiday festivities and bowl appearances while four top teams get ready to compete for a national championship. The overall winner determined by the championship game will receive the coveted championship trophy. However, that is only one of the three top trophies presented at the end of the series. Here’s a brief look at the college football national championship trophies.

College Football National Championship Trophy

The most coveted of all awards in college football is likely the national championship trophy. It’s awarded to the winner of the championship game played early in January each year. The trophy stands over 26 inches tall and weighs about 35 pounds. The flattened football at the top sits on a 12-inch bronze base so it can be hoisted by the winning team. Most of the trophy is gold in color with the football shape on top being metallic gray. Dr. Pepper sponsors this prestigious football trophy and owns the sponsorship rights through 2020.

AFCA National Championship Trophy

The second of the college football national championship trophies is also known as the coaches’ trophy. It is awarded by the AFCA or American Football Coaches Association. They give it to the FBS champion as determined by the coaches’ poll. It was first awarded in 1986 and was given to winners of the BCS championship games from 1992 until 2013 when the new college playoff series began. It is an annual award given to the team that ranks number one in the last poll of the season.

AP National Championship Trophy

The Associated Press awards the AP National Championship Trophy to the team that finishes in the number one spot in the AP poll at the end of the season. This trophy has either a gold or silver football suspended above a base. The letters “AP are situated inside the base of the trophy. Information about the recipient is engraved on the trophy. The AP isn’t associated with the BCS (Bowl Championship Series) so the trophy can be awarded to a team that didn’t win the national championship bowl game. Whoever the AP selects as the top team is the winner of the award.

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