History of the Lombardi Trophy

Lombardi Style Football TrophyThe Super Bowl comes to an end as one team emerges the winner. After that, the team’s players gather as they are presented the prestigious Lombardi Trophy. This has been the custom since Super Bowl V. The trophy bears the name of the former coach of the Green Bay Packers, Vince Lombardi. He was the first coach to win the Super Boal in January of 1967. At that time, it wasn’t called the Super Bowl but was called the AFL-NFL World Championship. Eventually, the name was changed to the Super Bowl by the football league. After the name change,  Coach Lombardi was the first to win a Super Bowl.

Why The Lombardi Trophy Bears His Name

The NFL didn’t name the prestigious award after Coach Lombardi because he won the first official Super Bowl. In 1970, the popular coach succumbed to cancer at only 57 years of age. The league decided at that time to name the Super Bowl trophy after him to honor his memory.  Prior to being officially named the Lombardi trophy, it had been called the World Professional Football Championship Trophy. The first team to be awarded the officially named Lombardi trophy was the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl V. They defeated the Dallas Cowboys for the win in 1971.

Lombardi Trophy Specs

The Super Bowl trophy stands 20.75 inches in height, is constructed from seven pounds of silver, and weighs over 107 ounces. Its value is over $10,000. Designer Oscar Riedner who was the VP and design director at Tiffany & Co. is responsible for the notable design. He designed it in 1966. The tiers hold a  regulation size football which looks like it is positioned ready to be kicked.

Who Was Vince Lombardi?

Many fans understand the significance of the football trophy itself without having knowledge of man it was named after. What makes Lombardi important to football? To begin with, Vince Lombardi spent time as the head coach at both the Washington Redskins and the Green Bay Packers. Most feel he was the most successful football coach ever. In a 9-year span of time, he led the Packers to win five national titles. He became a legend in football because of his winning percentage.was 90%.

Lombardi set the standard for head coaches in the NFL. Although his team won, he didn’t make coaching about that as much as about building a team and just teaching them how to play the game. Additionally, as a coach, he set three standards. These included:

  • In a time where the world focused on materialism, conventionalism, and war Lombardi taught his players to be good role models and leaders on and off the field. He stressed the importance of discipline when society did not.
  • After spending time at West Point mentored by General Douglas MacArthur, he understood leaders were born, not made. His belief was that leaders are justified by hard work. Football players are the same.
  • Leaders are med by character and willpower. Lombardi felt it takes both character and determination to be a leader and successful. He stressed these points with his players both on and off the field and gained their respect.

Order a Lombardi Trophy Today!

There is no greater honor in football today than earning the Vince Lombardi trophy. Use this trophy to recognize a champion in a fantasy league, powder puff team, little league, varsity, or neighborhood football team. The trophy acknowledges the hard work, character, and determination it took to emerge as champions for the season. Contact us at Suburban Custom Awards and personalize your purchase for no additional cost.

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