Fantasy Football Trophies for Your League

fantasy football tower trophyIt’s that time of year again and fantasy football leagues are popping up everywhere. Whether you are leading a league at work, among friends, or online, you will want the perfect end-of-season fantasy football trophies for the winners. You may want a loser trophy too who knows? Here are a few tips to make your awards successful and a few ideas for trophies to commemorate your fun and exciting fantasy football season.

Tips for Choosing Fantasy Football Trophies

Before you do anything, think about the price range you’ll be considering for your league’s fantasy football trophies. Many leagues include participation fees to help cover costs. Oftentimes, friendly wagers on games provide cash flow for the group. Participants may just chip in a few bucks here and there to help cover the costs of buying the awards. It’s all part of the game. Here are just a few tips for choosing the awards and trophies for your league.

  • Cost: What is your available budget for purchasing fantasy football trophies for your league? Who’s going to help cover the costs? Is there a league fund that can be used? Will there be a limit on the price of each trophy?
  • Design: Is a traditional design going to work or will you want a custom one? Many leagues choose to go with humorous awards and funny trophies. Do you want all the trophies to be the same design such as a football helmet; or do you want several different designs for the various awards?
  • Size: Some leagues use a larger trophy for the overall winner and choose smaller ones for other awards. You may want to consider the size of the awards if you are an online league and they’ll require shipping.
  • Annual Trophies: Your league will want to determine if the primary trophy will be transferred to the new winners each year, or if a new one will be purchased for each year’s competition. Some leagues have one large trophy for the overall winner who gets bragging rights at least until next year. Others provide a new trophy for each year’s winner.

These are some of the main things you’ll need to determine before purchasing fantasy football trophies for your league.

Types of Fantasy Football Trophies

Football season can be exciting and social for fantasy football participants whether it is with friends, family, or coworkers. Trophies are an excellent choice for winners and can be displayed and enjoyed for years to come. Finding the right awards can be fun and exciting too. Here are the top three fantasy football trophies we suggest at Suburban Custom Awards:

Fantasy Football Armchair Quarterback

fantasy football armchair quarterbackEveryone in the fantasy league is an armchair quarterback at heart, whether or not they will admit it. This trophy is a bit humorous with the football player sitting in an armchair while all geared up. Customize the trophy with your team name or stats for the season. It’s a fun and fitting award for your league’s winner.

Football Trophy

Either the Fantasy Football Tower or the Football Trophy are fitting for team winners. They each include a football replica as part of the trophy and make a stunning award. The trophy can be customized with the team stats, name or any other relevant information. It’ll look good on any shelf or mantel. It’s a great end of season award for the winning team.

Fantasy Football Perpetual Trophy

fantasy football perpetual trophyThe fantasy football perpetual trophy is one of the largest fantasy football trophies you may see. The trophy contains 12 engravable plates and is topped off with the armchair quarterback complete with the remote in his hand – ready for the game. It can be used to list the winner each consecutive year with smaller trophies going to the individual team members. Or use the 12 plates to list the winning team member’s names. Either way, it’s a great end-of-season award for your fantasy league.