Four Ways to Display Academic Awards

Diamond Lamp of Knowledge TrophyReceiving academic awards is a high honor and a symbol of accomplishments and hard work. Whether they are from when you are in school, or your child recently won them it’s nice to display them so others can celebrate with you. Many times, awards and trophies get boxed away after awhile. But what if there was a way to display your academic awards creatively so all could see? Here are four eye-catching ways to display the trophies and awards you or your child has accomplished.

Frame Your Academic Awards

A unique, personalized frame is a classic way to display rewards for educational excellence. Frames provide a way for several awards to be seen all at one time. Room allows for displaying pins, medals, and patches along with other trophies and awards. Different types of awards fit in a single frame. One type of frame, the shadow box, makes a stunning display for academic medals. Use multiple frames and dedicate each one to a specific type of award or academic trophy.

Medal Hanging Display

If you or your child has numerous medals for reading, spelling, or other related accomplishments like the Principle’s Award, consider a medal hanging rack. Place the rack below framed certificates or the school mascot. This type of display works well for decorating their bedroom. A medal display works well for medals won at sporting events, drama club, music competitions, and other competitions.

Trophy Shelf

Show off academic awards and trophies on a classic trophy shelf. Shelves work well for displaying trophies and plaques. Certificates and plaques hung around the shelf add a decorative touch while displaying all their achievements in one place. Add honor roll announcements or other specific accomplishments to the display as well.

Graduation Party Displays

Graduation is a special time of celebration and a great opportunity to display achievement too. Create a special display at this once in a lifetime occasion to celebrate all the graduate’s accomplishments. Use tables or shelves to display all their photos from kindergarten to 12th grade. Guests will enjoy the visual representation of how much they changed over the years as well as how much they’ve accomplished. For awards that are too difficult to move, add framed photos to commemorate the accomplishments. College graduations might include framed newspaper announcements of semesters they made the Dean’s Honor Roll. Also, display any awards from groups like drama club, debate club, band, or other academic associations they participated in during the college years.

Personalized Trophies for Display

If you are celebrating a graduation or any other academic accomplishments, honor them with a personalized trophy such as the Lamp of Learning trophy. Show them you appreciate all their accomplishments and recognize the hard work it took. Personalized trophies are a great way for parents and other family members to honor a student’s diligence.


Whether you are a school, teacher, or parent planning a celebration for a student, contact us at Suburban Custom Awards for ideas for ways to honor academic excellence.