The Different Woods Used to Make Plaques

piano-finished plaquePlaques are often given as an award or to commemorate an event, or acknowledge an accomplishment. Most of the time, these are made out of wood, but it can be one of many types of wood. A wood plaque has an insignia or a brass plate attached to it. Corners are rounded, routed, or profiled. Shapes range from oval to triangular, to rectangular. The most common shape of a wood plaque is rectangular, followed closely by a shield or keystone shape. There are several wood choices for making plaques.

Types of Wood Used to Make Wood Plaques

Woods range from expensive and exotic to inexpensive and everything in between.  The most popular type of wood used for the construction of a wood plaque is MDF. The letters, MDF stand for “medium density fiberboard”, more commonly known as particle board. It’s made by compressing chips of wood together with glue.  The middle of the wood contains larger chips than the outer layers. This creates a surface that is dense and compact. It’s strong, durable, and economically efficient. Once the shape of the plaque has been cut out of the wood, then a fine finish is applied. Some of the finishes include:

  • Walnut
  • Black foil finish
  • American cherry
  • AlderwoodScalloped Walnut Plaque

A wood finish adds the final touch of class to plaques and gives them their shine. They provide high-quality aesthetics that make the award eye-catching when displayed on the walls of the home or office.

Personalized Wood Plaques

At Suburban Custom Awards, we have only the highest quality wood plaques. All of our extensive line of plaques and awards can be personalized with a special message for the recipient. If you are not sure what type of wood plaque to order for an event or award, call us. We’d be happy to help you find the perfect fit for the occasion. Remember engraving is free!