Above and Beyond Football Trophies

Football TrophiesHanding out football trophies at the end of the season can be both rewarding and inspiring. In general, end-of-season awards mark specific player’s achievements and performances on the field. Whether you are coaching a local club, a football league, a tournament, or a school football team you’ll need football trophies toward the end of the season. Before you start shopping for awards, you’ll want to know how many trophies and what kinds of football trophies you need. Here are a few special award ideas to make the end-of-season ceremony special to players, parents, coaches, and others who have followed along during the season.

Individual Football Trophies

It’s important to recognize players for their accomplishments during the season. Some of the football awards will be obvious like outstanding player, best running back, most yards gained, etc. But there are a few football trophies that can reward other qualities and create a sense of community on and off the field. Here are a few ideas, and you might come up with some that are unique to your team’s personality.

Players’ Player of the Game

This award would recognize the player who made the greatest impact on a single game or during tournament play. This type of recognition encourages teamwork and comradery.  Players vote for teammates which will give more significance to the recipient.

Fair Play Trophy

This trophy will recognize and reward players who demonstrate respect and sportsmanship on and off the field. It may be presented to one or more players at an event or ceremony. To encourage community, let parents of team members vote on the player demonstrating the most sportsmanship or best behavior.

Player(s) of the Year

Gold Star Football TrophyYou’ll want to choose a nice award like the football superstar trophy for this presentation. The recipient worked hard all season long so it needs to be a significant reward representative of their season-long work. It may go to multiple players such as one for offensive player of the year and one for defensive player of the year. Or, you may choose to award a single player who worked diligently all season.

Contributor’s Award

Think of all the people who contributed to the team over the season. The Contributor’s Award should go to the person who just seemed to make things happen for the club all season long. Maybe they ordered pizza for the team after a game, laundered the team’s uniforms during a tournament, or made other significant contributions. They deserve a nice reward for their work too. Even if from the sidelines, they helped the team be all they could be.

Customized Football Trophies

No matter which awards you choose to end the season with, add a personal touch. At Suburban Custom Awards, engraving is free. Say something special about the recipient. Add their name, stats, nature of their contribution, congratulatory remarks, or other specific information to their award.