Sales Achievement Awards to Motivate Your Staff

Silver Star Award on Crystal Base ~ PlateYour staff is essential to making your company great. One effective way to improve the energy is to create a sales achievement awards program. If your company already has one in place, but it doesn’t seem to be working, consider refining it. Here are a few tips for creating a brand new incentive program or update an existing one.

Why You Need a Sales Achievement Awards Incentive

Do you know how to motivate people? Sales achievement awards offer rewards to top performing employees. Award recipients feel like they make a valuable contribution to the company. They often feel like they are achieving more than others which creates a healthy competition. Employees not recognized with awards often work harder to reach goals during the next quarter or year. Also, when created correctly, programs measure success. Continue to update them to ensure continued success.

How to Create a Sales Achievement Awards Program

Your company sets important metrics. Awards are granted based on meeting or exceeding the goals. Examples of metrics include percentage growth, market share increase, unit sales, number of new clients, and gross dollars. Measuring and tracking any of these metrics yields top performers to recognize outstanding accomplishments. For companies without sales incentive programs, put one into action.

Refining an existing program simply means adding or adjusting goals to reignite excitement. Perhaps add new short-term goals, or a one-time goal to boost sales. Take a look outside the sales department too. Consider customer service, shipping, management, and operations. Ideas from outside the sales team often generate productivity.

The longevity of the program depends on consistency and continuity. Stick with it once you have it in place. Also, remember recognition for sales improvements yields both long-term and short-term payoffs. Long-term recognition benefits the company and is vital to success. Short-term recognition, on the other hand, boosts self-worth and confidence among staff members.

Sales Achievement Award Suggestions

perpetual plaque with oval shaped platesAt Suburban Custom Awards, we carry a variety of corporate awards designed to fit your needs. Choose one of our crystal awards for larger sales milestones or to award other outstanding successes. Perpetual awards make an excellent choice for ongoing sales achievement programs. Use a perpetual plaque for outstanding sales associate, salesperson of the year, month, or quarter. Or use it to award outstanding leadership. Be creative! If you need help with ideas for awards, don’t hesitate to contact Suburban Custom Awards for help designing a program or choosing an award.

Tips for Sales Achievement Award Presentations

Staff meetings make great platforms for presenting sales awards. However, so does monthly sales meetings and annual corporate events. Save higher awards and greater accomplishments for the big events. Recognition is also meaningful when it comes from the company’s leadership. Awards should be presented by higher-level executives like a CEO or VP. Also, don’t forget to emphasize the importance of awards and how the metrics came into play in choosing a recipient.