Start Planning Early for End-of-Year Corporate Awards

Carved Crystal Eagle on Black BaseAs the year starts drawing to a close, it’s about time to plan your end-of-year corporate awards. In the corporate world, the year’s end and year’s start are the busiest times of the year. If you start planning now, you can have your end-of-year corporate awards designed, engraved, and ready for your awards programs. At Suburban Custom Awards, we want to help you plan for the presentations. We can help you with your yearly recognitions including corporate plaques, sales achievement awards, and President’s awards. Here we provide five examples of year-end corporate awards often bestowed on deserving recipients.

5 Examples of End-of-Year Corporate Awards

Awards for Your Annual Ceremony

Choosing awards for your annual ceremony is important. it sets the stage and atmosphere for the ceremony. Previously, we offered some tips for choosing awards for corporate events. You can also contact us for more ideas about the types of awards that are appropriate for corporate events.

Presenting Service Awards

Service awards are a way to recognize and reward employees who have been committed to your company for years. Some suggestions include presenting awards for 1, 5, 10, and 20 years of continuous service. You can also tailor this to fit your corporation’s climate. Appropriate awards include clocks, gift certificates, and personalized gifts. Basically, the longer the individual has worked with the company, the more significant the award.

Sales Awards

Depending on your budget allowances, celebrate reaching goals monthly, quarterly, or annually. Sales awards can be presented for individuals, a team or group, top performing store, regional leader, or a top distributor. Some of the popular types of awards for this specific presentation include plaques, glass awards, acrylic awards, or crystal awards.

Employees of the Month Awards

24 plate perpetual plaqueYou may want to distribute awards for Employee of the Year, or Employee of the Quarter depending on your corporate structure. You most likely decided on the frequency of this award prior to launching the program. However, an annual corporate event is a great place to recognize them. This type of recognition is beneficial for making the honoree feel special as well as motivating others for the future. Also, you may want to incorporate a perpetual plaque. Then you can display it in a central location for all to see. This along with a certificate or other take-away award to winners is appropriate.

Other Types of End-of-Year Corporate Awards and Recognition

Finally, other end-of-year corporate awards may depend on your company’s culture, climate, and community. Considerations may include corporate honors, community awards, leadership awards, past presidents, product launch, creativity, teamwork awards, or retirement gifts. You may want to tailor recognitions based on your specific company.


Contact us to discuss your end-of-year corporate awards. We have lots of ideas. Also, let us personalize it with free engraving!

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