Business Gift Giving Guide

Rosewood Pen and CaseNo matter how close you and your coworkers or boss are, gift giving at the office can be awkward. Choosing gifts can be difficult since you want to avoid choosing items that are too personal. Business gift giving often means selecting gifts for coworkers or bosses you don’t know well. But it isn’t any easier to choose a nice gift for co-workers who are close friends. As the holidays approach, you may begin to think about what types of gifts to give office mates. Or perhaps a co-worker or supervisor has a work anniversary approaching and you want to purchase something special for the occasion. Here are a few gift ideas that are appropriate in a business environment.

Business Gift Giving for Your Boss

in general, bosses don’t expect employees to purchase a gift for them. However, it is typically acceptable for employees to give a gift, especially for holidays, birthdays, or special occasions such as a work anniversary. There are several items that can fit the bill. Some gifts that are appropriate for a boss include:

  • Neckties – know your boss’ style and go conservative.
  • Food – make sure you are familiar with any food allergies or likes and dislikes before you purchase a fruit basket, chocolates or cookies.
  • Dest Items – paperweight, letter opener, or marble bookends are appropriate depending on the significance of the occasion.

Black Brass Pen and Pencil SetAppropriate Gifts from the Boss

Gifts are often used by bosses to show their gratitude or to celebrate a special occasion. This is generally acceptable as long as the gifts are not too expensive or don’t violate any company rules. Business gift giving ideas from bosses might include:

Gifts Between Co-workers

In a small office setting, you can become friends with co-workers. Typically, gifts should be given in an office party setting, and only if you are giving gifts to everyone. Special occasions like birthdays are the exception. Always check with the company handbook to ensure you are in compliance with business gift giving guidelines. Gifts should be in good taste and appropriate for the work environment. Relationships with co-workers are often more personal and choosing gifts is easier than for supervisors or higher-ups.

Gift Giving for Retiring or Departing Colleagues

Captain's ClockIt’s appropriate to present gifts for someone who is retiring or has given notice of leaving the company. The company may purchase a retirement gift. Colleagues may also want to chip in and buy a special gift to commemorate the years spent at the company. Appropriate retirement gifts include:

  • Jewelry – watches, cufflinks, or personalized service pens
  • Clocks – engraved with a special message for the “time” spent at the company
  • Plaques – wall plaques, photo plaques, framed photos

Let us Help You! 

At Suburban Custom Awards, we offer a wide variety of gift selections that are appropriate for work and office environments. Our products include free engraving so you can share a personalized message with the recipient. Contact us today and let us help you with business gift giving ideas.

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