Fall and Soccer Medals

Male Motion Xtreme Soccer trophyFall is soon to be evident with the temperatures cooling and leaves turning vibrant colors. But for many kids across the US, it means time for fall sports. Kids and parents are gearing up for practices, games, and tournaments for favorite sports and activities. Each bright-eyed child has his eye on the end of the year and getting his hands on football or soccer medals.

Kids put it all out there on the field and look forward to the end-of-game and end-of-year awards and soccer medals and trophies. After their dedication to the numerous practices and games, they deserve it. Everyone except the person ordering the soccer medals, trophies and awards gets excited. It can be difficult for coaches, leaders or parents to choose what awards they want to hand out each year. Suburban Custom Awards is here to help you find the best trophies and awards to recognize your teams.

Importance of Recognition

Everyone has a deep-seated desire to be recognized. When the season ends, kids deserve and desire trophies and awards commending them for a job well done. Give them a token to remember the season by and award them for all their hard work. Encourage them to continue participating in sports by presenting a memorable token. A fun, fresh, and unique award may be the spark to keep them playing for many years to come. Participation trophies have been under criticism lately, but they are great motivators. There are also other ways to award those who go above and beyond such as players with great attitudes, committed, or most improved. There are many choices for soccer trophies for your team so that each person is recognized.

Customized Soccer Medals and Trophies

Not only will a soccer medal or trophy symbolize a player’s hard work and dedication, it will commemorate that fall season for them. As they grow older, they can look back and recall fond memories. A single soccer medal can also bring back memories of workouts, playing with friends, as well as winning and losing games. Every memory matters! Their award will be a tangible reminder of soccer and other sports seasons they endured and enjoyed. A trophy will remind them that they are a finisher, they are a winner. Customize trophies with the player’s name, team name, stats, and other information that is important to them. Most of the trophies and medals at Suburban Custom Trophies include free engraving to personalize messages to recipients.

Ideas for Soccer Medals and Trophies

There are many ways to commemorate a year or a player with soccer medals and trophies. Each player participating in the season can be awarded a participation medal for their dedication to practices, workouts, and games. Plaques can be engraved with a player’s outstanding accomplishments or the name of the league or team. A plaque makes a great award for players to show appreciation to their coaches as well. In addition, if you are hosting a tournament you may need place awards such as first, second, or third-place trophies. Teams who win a tournament may appreciate a larger, spectacular trophy to award their determination and hard work. There are many creative ways to present soccer medals and trophies to individuals and teams who participate in this fun sport.


Need help choosing or customizing a sports trophy? Contact Suburban Custom Awards and let us help you create the perfect award for a deserving individual or team.

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