Importance of Student Awards and Recognition

Lamp of Learning PlaqueThere has been some argument about academic recognition and whether student awards are beneficial. Some argue it is detrimental to those who do not receive an award. But research indicates recognition for effort and success improves motivation and encourages participation. Academic awards are often only distributed to those few students who achieve above-and-beyond. While this is important, it involves only a select few. Recognizing students for other qualities like effort, improvement, and cooperation as well, can increase self-confidence, offer a sense of accomplishment, and generate respect in a peer group. Having such a sense of accomplishment spurs improvement.

Why Create your own student awards and recognition program?

Each school or educational facility has its own personality and atmosphere. By customizing a student award program, you can develop a system that rewards the behaviors and attitudes you want to be fostered in the setting. Recognizing attributes such as good attitudes, honest work ethics, determination, helpfulness, and a love of learning helps build a sense of community and an environment conducive to learning. A solid program can encourage a sense of accomplishment and achievement that a student can carry with them for the rest of their lives. This also improves their chances of success as they progress through the educational system and on into their career fields.

Build a Program to Recognize Student Accomplishments with Student Awards

In the educational setting, recognition programs honor students for a variety of academic accomplishments. Typically, academic awards include valedictorians, honor students, class presidents, and student leaders who contribute to the school. These academic awards are well established and have been in place for several years. You may also want to create a program that gives students recognition for other accomplishments. Students can be nominated by peers, teachers, or other staff members to receive a number of awards that reward accomplishments, good attitudes, and other qualities that foster a positive learning environment. Here are some recommendations for creating a meaningful recognition program for students.

  • Establish the rules and conditions for each award.
  • Establish the criteria for the selection process and procedures.
  • Determine the time frame for the entries and other procedures.
  • Plan a budget for purchasing academic awards and trophies.
  • Create a broad program which recognizes many students and qualities in the academic setting including athletics, dedication, improvements, attitudes, leadership, and community involvement qualities.
  • Promote the significance of the award prior to the start of the awards program and throughout the school year. This offers prestige and credibility to the award.
  • Decide what type of award to give. (trophy, certificate, plaque, ribbon, medallion)
  • Invite parents, guardians, and the community to the ceremony. Faculty or staff who made the nominations may read their nomination at the ceremony.
  • Award students with custom awards, personal notes, copies of the nomination, and any other tangible mementos.
  • Finally, yearly critique the program constructively to develop a stronger and well-refined on-going program.


Let Suburban Custom Awards Help You!

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