Top 6 Trophy Mistakes to Avoid

2- tier trophyGetting a trophy or an award is important to the recipient. Recognition can be a great motivator not only for those receiving an award but for those witnessing the special occasion. It’s important to handle the event or ceremony with class and dignity no matter what the setting, corporate or otherwise. The last thing you want to do when honoring an accomplishment or achievement is to lessen the value of the award with a mistake. Here’s our list of the top six trophy mistakes you to avoid.

Avoid These Common Trophy Mistakes


A prestigious award can be ruined by a simple misspelling. Check and double check all the text before sending it to be engraved. Make certain the recipient’s name, company or organization’s name, job titles, and positions are spelled correctly. At Suburban Custom Trophy, you’ll receive a free proof before the final engraving. Be sure to check it thoroughly to avoid this mistake.

Broken Trophy

It’s unlikely a trophy or award is damaged during shipping, but it could happen. Not opening an award before the day of the event could be a huge mistake. It’s important to inspect an award or trophy before the day of the ceremony to avoid being embarrassed. Awards should be inspected as soon as they arrive to ensure there was no breakage. In the event damage did occur, contact Suburban Custom Awards immediately for a replacement.

Too Many Words

Engraving plates on awards come in different sizes. Trying to get too much text into a small space can make it difficult to read. Try to be succinct in the message to the recipient. If you want a longer message, choose a wall plaque or other award that has enough space for your entire message.

baseball trophiesNot Matching the Accomplishment

Think about the accomplishment or achievement you are celebrating and choose an award that matches. Obviously, you don’t want to give baseball trophies out to a football team. When choosing an award, consider carefully the intent behind it.

Lack of Proper Presentation

Perhaps the worst mistake is not officially presenting the award to the honoree. Simply handing them a box loses the impact and importance of their accomplishment. A thoughtful presentation is one of the most important aspects of giving out awards.

Cheap or Tacky Trophies or Awards

Awards are supposed to be special. Don’t lessen them by taking the cheap route. Convey sophistication and excellence. Business awards come in many styles crystal, acrylic, and glass awards. Classic style trophies and plaques make wonderful presentations both in the corporate setting and out. We offer the highest quality awards to ensure you are never embarrassed by offering a cheap or tacky award.

Are you ready to order high-quality awards or trophies for your next event? Let us help you find the perfect fit to honor the accomplishment. Contact us today!