Five Considerations When Choosing a Sports Trophy

Looking for a Sports Trophy?

baseball trophiesSports trophies are great for rewarding players and teams for their hard work, effort, and accomplishments. Choosing a custom sports trophy for deserving recipients doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are five simple guidelines or things to consider when choosing a trophy for an individual, team, or event.

  1. The Age of the Recipient(s). Perhaps one of the most important things to think about when choosing a trophy is the age of those who are going to receive them. There can be a big difference in a trophy for t-ball participants than baseball trophies. Children league rewards should be age-appropriate and small enough for them to enjoy.
  2. The Size of the Trophy. The size is an important feature to think about as you want awards to be well-balanced. If you are honoring places just as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, the sizes should be in descending order. First place trophies should be the largest of the three and the rest should be in descending size to correspond. Save larger trophies for honorable awards such as MVP, most improved player, or point leader for the season.
  3. The Material used for Construction. Classic trophies are never a bad choice, but resin is a material that is growing in popularity. Resin is a higher quality, has more detail and is more durable than the plastic used for many trophies. Check out the amazing detail in our 3-D Plate Women’s Softball Trophy. Suburban Custom Awards has a full line of custom resin sports trophies.
  4. The Weight of an Award. How much an award weighs may not have crossed your mind, but it can send an important signal to recipients about the quality. Try picking up a beautiful trophy that weighs almost nothing. It’s rather disappointing as you expect more out of a trophy that looks that good. Heavy trophies make the award seem more legit and communicates the fact that the recipient really accomplished something important.
  5. Football Running backThe Detail in the Design. Trophies with lots of detail in the design are impressive. Our 7-inch Football Runner trophy shows the player holding a football in his left hand and details down to the stripes on his pants and the wrinkles in his jersey as he appears to be tearing down the field. Details can add a special touch to an award.

At Suburban Custom Awards, you’ll find an expansive list of sports trophies. We have awards for baseball, football, basketball, softball, bowling trophies and many more. These detailed, high-quality sports trophies are perfect for honoring individual performers, outstanding participants or team tournament winners.


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