Top 5 Service Award Gift Ideas

Blue Shield Glass AwardMost larger companies honor long-standing employees with rewards. Usually, these are presented at milestones such as 10, 15, 20 or more years of service. Presenting awards recognizes dedication and loyalty and can be beneficial for many reasons including building company morale. Recognition makes the recipient feel good about themselves. It also motivates other employees to continue their good work. This type of positive reinforcement can set the example company-wide and communicate the value you have for those who work hard. The ways to recognize devoted individuals are literally innumerable. So, we have compiled five ways to award outstanding service.

Clocks and Watches For Long-Time Service Awards

Nothing says, “Thank you for time served with us” like a stylish watch or attractive clock from Suburban Custom Awards. Clocks are one of the most common awards presented to long-service staff. This traditional gift can be inscribed with a personalized message thanking the individual for their years of dedicated service as well as with the organization’s logo.

Company Apparel

Providing apparel with the company logo can be a classy way to communicate appreciation to a long-standing employee. Honor an employee with a shirt, cap, bag, or jacket bearing the company logo. Personalize the gift according to the individual or you let them choose which item they prefer. Active or athletic employees may prefer activewear such as shorts, jackets or jerseys. Others may prefer a bag or workwear.

Certificate of Appreciation

Black Marble Plaque with Certificate InsertDepending on the company culture, you may want to present a certificate to the honoree along with a larger service award gift. Or, you may present the certificate along with days off with pay. Perhaps host a company-wide celebration in honor of the employee. A certificate can also be combined with a finished or marble plaque to add distinction.

Personalized Engraved Service Award and Gift Ideas

Being able to personalize gifts and choose appropriate awards for an individual can make the occasion more meaningful for them. Offering a small token of appreciation such as a pen or a desk nameplate can provide a lasting expression of gratitude for their hard work and dedication. Items like these are useful and practical. It is likely they will be used every day and help remind them of how valuable they are to the company.

Crystal Awards 

Kerry Crystal BowlA crystal service award can bring a lot of class to a presentation. These engravable awards come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Recipients will appreciate the crystal bowl, vase or trophy award for many years to come as they reflect on the years they spent with your company. Engrave it with words of appreciation and gratitude for their service.


Are you ready to give an award to a long-standing staff member or employee? We can help you with the wording and have a few presentation tips to ensure the event is memorable. Let us know how we can help you honor those who’ve served you well. At Suburban Custom Awards, engraving is free with your purchase. We want to help you succeed at honoring the recipient of these momentous awards.