Most Common Types of Awards and Trophies and Why they are Important

2018 TrimAwards recognize achievements. They demonstrate appreciation for a person’s achievements and are given for a variety of reasons. Recognition for accomplishments can be important in any field and provide many benefits for individuals, teams, and companies too. Some of the common areas awards are given in include:

  • Corporate Events
  • Academic Institutions or Settings
  • Sporting Events

Within each sector, educational, corporate and sports different types of awards and trophies are used based on the type of accomplishment and the setting.

Common Types of Awards

There are many types of awards that range from large trophies to coins, ribbons, and pins. But in general, there are three types presented on a regular basis including trophies, medals, and plaques.


track trophiesYou’ve probably seen more trophies than almost any other type of award. Many sports use trophies related to their sports, but cup trophies are also popular in many sports like the World Cup, for example. Cup trophies originated from early times when cups or chalices were presented as awards. Trophies can be gold, silver or other metals. Classic trophies also come in a variety of shapes and designs such as those topped with baseball, basketball or other sports figures. There are also more general trophies for recognizing miscellaneous accomplishments or achievements. It is certain that trophy designs have changed over time and there are now a variety of designs to choose from depending on the event.


Plaques tend to be given at more formal events. Many times, they are the choice award for corporate events. They may also be presented in educational settings, banquets, or industry events. Most plaques are made out of metal or glass and are engravable with personalized messages to honor the recipient’s accomplishments. Like trophies, they have evolved over time and there are many creative options available today.


2" First Place MedalThis type of award is commonly categorized into threes: gold, silver, and bronze. They are used to recognize levels of achievement and the rank of the participants. Traditionally, medals are worn around the neck and presented during events such as the Olympics. Schools often use medals to award academic achievements such as honor roll, graduations, most improved or perfect attendance.

Why is giving awards important?

Probably the sector presenting the most awards is the sporting world. Additionally, giving trophies spreads across a wide variety of sports from baseball to tennis to basketball, football and more. It also includes a wide variety of age groups from little league participation trophies to championship winners. There are many different reasons for awards associated with sports activities each one celebrating a victory on some level. Awards can provide encouragement for participants, reward improvements or recognize the efforts of a coaching staff.

There are also many awards given in an educational setting to acknowledge and recognize academic achievements on an individual or group basis. Rewarding academic accomplishments honors those who put in the extra effort and creates an environment where learning is encouraged and rewarded.  Corporate level awards are equally important for acknowledging accomplishments, expertise or outstanding achievements in a specific field. In any sector, awards can help encourage and motivate people to perform better and inspire them to greatness.


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