The Many Benefits of a Perpetual Plaque

16-plate Eagle Perpetual PlaqueYou’ve probably seen perpetual plaques in locations like universities, community centers, large corporations or your local grocery store. It is a large plaque with spaced out engravable plates. Often, they are filled out only partially awaiting the next recipient. Businesses use them to honor employees of the month, winners of competitions, or other outstanding accomplishments that may be repeated throughout the year. You’ve probably seen them displayed in lobbies or large common areas. They are most useful for awards that are repeatedly given. Instead of purchasing a whole new award each time it is given, a new plate is engraved with pertinent information such as the honoree’s name, job title, or accomplishment category.

Benefits of a Perpetual Plaque

The most notable benefits of perpetual plaques are their adaptability and longevity. With one purchase, you’ll have the advantage of a durable and long-lasting display that only needs to have a small plate engraved with new recipient information periodically. One example is the “Employee of the Month” perpetual plaque. It can contain three columns with four rows. Each plate is used for the month of the year. Throughout the year, names are added to the plaque to create a continuous motivation for other employees and staff. Key benefits include:

  • No matter how frequently the awards are presented, the perpetual plaque featuring each recipient in a series of awards is a constant visible reminder to help others throughout the organization stay focused.
  • Create a positive energy in the workplace by making recognition available to every individual.
  • Constantly reinforce the core values of your organization or business by spotlighting those individuals who exhibit them. By recognizing “standard bearers” of the corporate guiding principles, the staff can clearly see a model they can emulate as they also continue to strive for success.

Ways to Use Perpetual Plaques

Some awards are based on a one-time recognition and are designed accordingly. Perpetual awards are designed to allow for multiple recipients or occurrences of the award. There are innumerable ways to use these unique customizable plaques. The idea of a perpetual award is to honor and celebrate numerous individuals or accomplishments at once, or over time. Here are a few ideas for starters.

 Employee Recognition and Motivation

18-plate perpetual plaqueMotivate employees by recognizing those who are at the top of their game. Monthly awards include an employee of the month, top sales of the month, or any other recognition that is repeated.

Honor the Company as a Whole

Use a perpetual plaque to list the awards that have been given to honor the company as a whole. Each plate can be engraved with the specific award and the date it was presented.

Special Celebrations

Design a “Hall of Fame” for employees, students, donors, pledges or sponsors and recognize each of them individually with their own plate.

Recognize Accomplishments

Perpetual awards are perfect for honoring outstanding work or effort. Use them to honor top sales personnel, certification achievements, patent winners or other contributors and accomplishments related to your business or organization.

Celebrate Your Staff

Honor unique accomplishments or intangible attributes like teamwork, positive attitudes, and teamwork.


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