Sponsor Plaque Wording

Giving is good. Has your company or organization been the grateful recipient of such kind sharing?  If so, sharing your thanks with a sponsor plaque is a great way to build positive rapport and show your appreciation. Saying thank you is important, especially to generous donors or sponsors.

When deciding to honor your benefactors, sponsor plaque wording can be the most challenging tasks to consider. The most popular question that arises is: “what should my sponsor plaque say?” To keep things simple, yet concise, the who-what-where-when-why is important to note, as your plaque will be an important token of remembrance and gratitude your donor will appreciate. Continue on for a few basic tips to remember for finding the right words for your sponsor plaque.


Verify Spelling

Few things could be worse than creating an award that is misspelled or doesn’t properly represent your sponsor. Verify all spellings of the company, department or specific donor when creating your plaque. If you are adding a logo from the company, be sure to request a high definition file from your sponsor so that it is appropriately added to your plaque without denigration.

Give A Title

Was your sponsor sharing money or services to a specific event or cause? For whatever the occasion, be sure to give a title for your plaque. For example, for a sponsor for a company charity event, use the title of the event as the plaque title to commemorate this occasion. FOr example, “With Gratitude For Your Generous Donation to the 10th Annual ABC Company Alzheimer’s Walk”.

Express Gratitude

As shown above, be sure to specifically give thanks for their award donation or contribution. Common phrases, including “With Thanks”, “With Gratitude”, and “In Appreciation of” can be enhanced with other descriptive words including generosity, grateful, philanthropic, etc.

Date or Location

Always add the date of the donation or if there was an event that took place, the date and location of the event. Your sponsor will be proud to show off their new award to other employees, stakeholders or in company communications, so be sure to memorialize your event and donation with this pertinent information.

Do you have additional questions to address regarding creating your custom award? We can assist! Each of our awards comes with complimentary proofs to guarantee proper spelling and formatting. Our unparalleled customer service will help ease your concerns and ensure your award is flawless for your donor or sponsor. Contact us today at 404.373.3544 for more information about our plaques and how we can help!