Surprise Uses For A Crystal Paperweight

Heart Crystal Paperweight Award

A crystal paperweight is an award often given to show appreciation and recognition for various corporate achievements from long term tenure, high performance, attendance or leadership. Crystal paperweights are also great for event bags as parting gifts or promotional products, wedding centerpieces, birthday or anniversary gifts.

Whether you are the recipient of a special crystal award or thinking about sharing with someone who is well deserving, don’t worry about if your paperweight will be useful. The paperweight is one of the most versatile and fun awards you can share. If you’re just learning how fun the paperweight can be, welcome! Read on for more uses and how you can maximize the efficiency and productivity of your new paperweight.

Social Media Humblebrag

Crystal paperweights have evolved over generations from what were just large chunks of sedimentary rocks used to keep papers from blowing off shoddy office desks during the corporate revolution during the 1940s. Maybe not so much, but now crystal paperweights are like a delicacy to be shown off online. Few people actually have a crystal paperweight, therefore a social media shout out to your paperweight is guaranteed to boost your cool points, but you’ll get a few likes too. The #PaperweightSelfie never fails.

Holding Down Paperwork (of course)

Paperweights are meant to hold down papers. In today’s digital office place, it’s understandable that every important document is in Microsoft Outlook or some cloud storage space online. Print off 3 completely unimportant documents and place your paperweight on top. Voila. Now that’s making use of your resources.

Hiding Typos on Documents

Spell check doesn’t always have our best interests in mind. There are plenty occasions where spell check has changed perfectly normal and applicable words into incomprehensible phrases. To your rescue comes the paperweight. Don’t worry, if you’re on your way to a meeting and notice a typo, place your paperweight strategically over your typo (or other factual error) and work around it. Everyone will be too busy admiring your crystal paperweight to notice your slip up. Voila.

Diving Ring Replacement

Even outside of the workplace, your crystal paperweight will continue to bring fun and excitement to your life. How so you ask? Take your paperweight with you on your next Florida vacation, or to the pool. Toss your paperweight into the water and dive after it. Your paperweight will proudly await your rescue from the bottom of the pool while you practice your diving skills.


The Real Value of a Crystal Paperweight

Of course, these uses are completely optional. A crystal paperweight is a beautiful, alluring prize that will be cherished and appreciated for years to come in the hands and hearts of your recipient. If you are considering a paperweight to share with someone, contact us to learn more about our engraving and shipping options to make your gift giving easier.

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