Recognition Plaques

Recognizing a client, employee or teammate for a job well done is a noble task to uphold. Saying thank you or letting someone know that their work is appreciated and noticed will mean a lot to your recipient for years to come. The plaque of recognition will be proudly hung or resting in a special place, so taking the time to make sure you choose the right plaque is important. Here are some ideas to selecting the perfect plaque for your superstar!

Events To Recognize

  • Retirement
  • Milestone Birthday
  • Years of Service (5, 10, 15, 20+)
  • Employee of the Month/Year
  • Graduation
  • High Achievement or Accomplishment
  • Innovative Discovery or Research

Walnut Plaques
One of the most common award types, the walnut plaque is a beautiful wood based award with many customizable options. Full-color plates are available to add a unique flair to your recognition plaque.

Certificate Plaques
Enhance your standard certificate with a certificate plaque. Visually similar to a standard paper certificate, but made custom on a solid plaque foundation, a certificate plaque is perfect for standard awards such as perfect attendance, completion of training or course, etc.

Acrylic Plaques
Acrylic plaques are the next level frontier compared to standard wood plaques. Made from heavy, sturdy acrylic material, your acrylic plaque is perfect for executive level awards for physicians, CEOs and C-Suite professionals, etc.

Perpetual Plaques
Recognizing a group or team of individuals? A perpetual plaque is an great way to highlight team efforts on one, customized plaque. Perfect for teams and offices, these plaques can rest inside of a hall of fame, office or trophy room.

Plaques with Castings
Do you have a special emblem, symbol or other insignia that would enhance the meaning on your plaque? Consider adding your logo or other detail for a special casting on your plaque.
Interested in other options? From mirror plaques, gavel plaques for the judge or legal all-star, special photo and bronze finishes, the options are endless! If you have an idea you would like to see come to life, contact us for more information on how we can make your recognition award one-of-a-kind!