How to Say It: Thank you and Appreciation Awards

Finding the right words to recognize your team of employees, interns, volunteers and staff can be challenging. However, there are several plaque wording ideas for appreciation that you can creatively use to say thank you to your staff and/or team.

Rosewood Appreciation Plaque

Many opportunities exist to show appreciation to your team from celebrating your administrative support staff, showing appreciation to volunteers and interns, giving thanks to individual team and group accomplishments and other special, in-office moments. It feels great to show appreciation to others! Let’s get started on sharing the positivity.

Setup and Format
Typically, most customers will start their plaque wording with the following:
1. Company Name
2. Personalized Inscription
3. Awardee’s Name
4. Additional Note of Thanks or Appreciation
5. Date

ABC Company
In Appreciation Of Your Service And Accomplishments In Improving Company Revenue In Q3 By 120%


For Your Performance Has Not Gone Unnoticed. Thank You!
2 June 2016

Ready to get started creating your own special plaque? Below you will find additional ideas to start creating your perfect award.

How to Say It:
· We Appreciate You!
· With Thanks
· With Great Appreciation
· Sincerest Gratitude
· What Would We Do Without You
· In humble appreciation
· With Many Thanks

“Your thoughtfulness will always be remembered.”
“We appreciate your efforts and celebrate your service.”
“Thank you for your service!”
“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.”

Keep in mind that when sharing appreciation, the options are endless. Be sure to include the accomplishment on the plaque, as well as the date and name of the awardee. Simple is better.

Want help deciding on a plaque to use for your appreciation moment? Contact us today to discuss ideas and how we can build the right award to celebrate.