Elements Of An Award

Globe TeamworkRewarding your office team or organization is a special moment in time for your workplace. Recognizing the accomplishments and success of your leaders and stand-out employees will be sure to boost the morale of your team and inspire all to achieve greater goals. According to Forbes[1], 87% of recognition programs focus on tenure, yet studies show that recognizing employees for specific results and awards improves company culture and employee satisfaction.

Are you ready to create the perfect trophy award for your team? Let’s get started! Read more for several factors to consider when selecting business trophies.


If you are selecting one employee to receive an award, how will other staff members react?Were there others involved in the success of your recipient? Keep in mind that envy or negative feelings could arise if other employees feel left out. Consider peer-to-peer recognition and awards instead of top-down awards to avoid pesky office politics.


Determine the accomplishment that you are going to recognize and be objective in selecting your recipient. There are various achievements to highlight from performance to citizenship. Select with care and concern for all in the office.


How often will you be presenting your award? If this is a one-time occasion, it is acceptable to invest into a larger or higher quality trophy to commemorate this moment for your team member.


Ask yourself where do you want the award to be stored. Take a glance around your office space. Is the award you have in mind something that can be placed on a desk or in an office? If your award is too large, or if the recipient does not have space to hold it, it could end up at their home instead of the workplace. Other options are plaques that are easy to hang or can sit on a plaque holder.


After all of these considerations are completed and you have selected your award, ask yourself, how will you present your award? Will you have an office meeting? Conference? Award dinner and presentation ceremony? Taking time and money into creating an award should be followed up with a presentation ceremony that is equally as special and memorable.

Want help deciding on a business trophy to use for your appreciation moment? Contact us today to discuss ideas and how we can build the right award for your team.

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