Awards for Kids Sports

Li'l Buddy Soccer TrophySchool is back in session and fall sports season are underway.  Kids all around the country are pursuing their favorite sport and are hoping to bring home an award for their achievements over the course of the season.  How do you find the right award that your child and their teammates will proudly display in their rooms and show their friends? The key in finding awards for kid’s sports is finding a trophy that is unique and customizable but doesn’t break the bank. Below are some great choices by sport.



With Pop Warner to High School leagues, Football is a fall classic for Americans. From rushing yards to longest field goal, there are so many different achievements that can be honored at the end of the season. Many football trophies showcase a football on a pedestal, while others feature football helmets, cleats or a football player running with the ball. One unique award is the Football Bobblehead trophy.  Medals are also a great idea for recognizing achievement during the season. There are also trophies that have a look reminiscent of the Heisman that are a great choice to give to a star player.


Fall Baseball

While baseball is typically viewed as a spring and summer sport, baseball leagues continue on through the fall.  There are ranges of baseball trophies, including traditional red-stitched baseball or a player in a wide batting stance. A unique choice would be a baseball glove trophy, especially if you are looking for an additional trophy to honor an achievement that a player made during the season.



Ever since the World Cup earlier this year, soccer has grown in popularity with kids. The trending trophy designs at this moment are soccer trophies trying to mimic the World Cup trophy by having the ball atop a stand that tapers down. There are other unique designs as well, especially with resin trophies. A fun idea for younger children is giving medals. Medals can also be given as an additional award to a high scorer, a goalie with a high number of saves or any other star performer on the team that you’d like to honor.


With any award given out, getting a custom inscription really makes their trophy personal and gives them a sense of accomplishment. Suburban Custom Awards has a great selection of awards for all sports that have free engraving options. Visit our trophy selection or give us a call today at 866-362-9340!