Award Ideas For Professional Events

As the year begins to roll to a close, it’s time to think about professional year-end awards. Below are some great employee recognition awards to honor your colleagues on their achievements!


Blue Globe Crystal Pen SetPlaques, especially the wooden finish that is traditionally used, are great choices for executives and administrators that you’d like to honor. Not all plaques have a wood finish. If you are looking for something with more of a modern and contemporary feel to it, a Glass or Acrylic Plaque is a wonderful choice. Regardless of preferences, adding custom engravings, pictures and figures make the award unique and personal for the recipient.

Perpetual Awards

Plaques, especially Perpetual Awards, are fantastic for honoring a group. Perpetual Awards are a suitable choice if you have a periodic winner, such as an “Employee of the Month” award or a “Salesperson of the Year” award. Perpetual Awards have nameplates that can be engraved and updated as you honor the individual. Awards like these are great morale building elements that be added into your business or organization that also look impressive in an office or lobby.


Paperweights are not something that is typically thought of as an award, but a paperweight award can offer the beauty of other types of awards while also adding a very functional option as well. Paperweight awards can be made out of a range of materials, from acrylic, to marble, to crystal.

Crystal Awards

Crystal Awards are perfect to gift to give someone that has reached a significant milestone in their life. Awards like these are usually reserved for the highest accolade in an event. While the awards themselves have an elegant and professional appeal, the custom engraving really brings these awards to the next level.


Medals are not something that is exclusive to just sports; they can be used in awarding someone in the professional arena as well. Medal Display Plaques can suit almost any occasion and be customized to incorporate any logo and graphic. A medal award would be a great choice in something that is professionally competitive in nature.

No matter what type of award you choose, adding a custom aspect to the award like an engraving adds a personal touch that the recipient will cherish.

Still unsure of what would be the perfect award for your upcoming professional event? Visiting a local award shop like Suburban Custom Awards can give you ideas and show you things that you may not have thought about. Our staff has experience needed in making the perfect choice for your upcoming event!

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