5 Tips To Creative Award Sayings

An award ceremony or recognition occasion require memorable and meaningful awards to leave a lasting impression on your awardees. Having trouble getting started building your perfect award? Here are 5 tips to composing creative award sayings for every occasion.


Of course the most important tip is to keep in mind the recipient of the award. If you have a strong relationship with the awardee or are comfortably familiar, be confident in personalization. Does your recipient enjoy a certain celebrity, politician or finds another public figure remarkable? Use quotes or sayings from their favorite figure to be creative and make the award special.


Avoid trendy words or slogans, pop culture jargon and slang when creating your award. Ask yourself, in 5-10 years, will this inscription still be relevant? Will this inscription have the same meaning and purpose in the future? If your answer is no, go back to the drawing board. Awards are possessions that people hold on to for years to come and may be passed down through generations. Give your awardee something to be proud of for years to come.


Lighten up! If the occasion is casual, consider a humorous anecdote to lighten up the mood and transform your award into a conversational piece your awardee will remember forever.  Make sure that your humor is not offensive or politically incorrect.


What is the purpose of your award? In addition to selecting the most appropriate type of award (plaque, trophy, etc) choose wording and inscriptions that are congruent to the award you are sharing. For leadership and performance achievements, inspirational messages, famous quotes as well as a quick note about their accomplishment is a great start to building your award.


Font and other typography stylings including italics, bold, underline, etc also need ample planning. Fonts serve as frame for the words you will inscribe and should be considered carefully. Scripted fonts, serif and sans serif are general options you can select from to make your award sayings stand out.