Celebrate More Than Just a “Win”

Sometimes saying “Thank You” or “Good Job” is not enough to extend your appreciation to others. A tangible gift can go a long way to serve as a physical reminder of how someone feels towards you. Even better than that, is a gift with your words of appreciation or delight inscribed on it. Awards are used in capacities other than sporting events and are a great way to show how you feel about someone or something.

Take for example, A Community Award. This type of award can be given at a Local Community event where notable members can be acknowledged for their efforts in enhancing their community. A simple wooden plaque can be inscribed with the name of the community, the name of the individual or organization, and the reason for which they are receiving an award. That award immediately becomes an item to display for others in the community to see and strive to become a future recipient.

Businesses can give their employees awards as a way to encourage their efforts and to show appreciation for their time and skills given to the business. A Longevity Awards ceremony is perfect to give this type of award. An employee can be given a glass or crystal trophy inscribed with the company logo, the employee’s name, and the amount of years given to the business. It is a memorable and motivational gift that employees will appreciate.

Students at their respective schools can use awards to motivate their peers as well. At the end of a school year, a school can incorporate Student Choice Awards that highlight how students feel about their peers. Awards such as “most likely to become a CEO”, “Freshman Of The Year”, etc. A medal is a good choice for this type of award with the name of the student and the award and the year engraved on it.

Thinking outside of the box, why not give awards at a family reunion? When the family comes together there will be a lot of love, congratulations and appreciation floating in the air. Awards can be given to these special individuals to show them the support they have from their family. Have some fun, and recognize the oldest member; the furthest traveled; or member that organized your event..

You don’t have to win first place in a race to be told of a job well done!

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